What’s P. Diddy Thinkin?

March 30, 2008


[Insert Caption Here]




  1. Can’t… perform… Heimlich… maneuver!

  2. HAHAHAHA this picture is so funny. he is so into it. just do your thing diddy =)

  3. Ok, this is just weird. If anyone keeps up with Making the Band, or even P. Diddy’s latest commercial, you know that he is always hating on the “big girl”. They got too much of this and so much more of that than he can handle. I’ve never seen this side of him before, never thought I would. I don’t think anyone did.

    So what is this…a change of heart? Whatever the case, get your “big girl” on, LOL!

  4. what the hells gotten into his damn mind. LOL

  5. Hey! What’s wrong with the “big girl?” I admit, that pic is a little bit disturbing.


  6. booooty meat

  7. I thought Rhino hunting was illegal in africa.

  8. Lmao

  9. Diddy…..smh.

    I’ve been gradually losing respect for him after Mo Money Mo Problems. That was my JAM…..but now he’s on a decline and this is just the icing on the cake.

  10. Was he drunk?


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