#14 – Keepin’ It Real

March 28, 2008

Humans cannot live in peace and harmony all the time, so we engage in pointless arguments. Some enjoy arguments more than others. Black people seem to find themselves in an argument 2-4 times a week, whether it’s a family member, co-worker, friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, or spouse. When these arguments occur, the Black individual has two choices.

Choice #1: Walk Away to deflate the situation.

Choice #2: Keep it real.

85% of the time Black people will go for the choice #2. This is because Black people love “Keepin’ It Real.” Definition – Staying true to your “roots”(Real), priorities, or principles as a person and applying them to a certain type of a event or situation. Another term for Keepin’ it Real is real talk. This is the equivalent of Keepin’ it Real, mainly used in the South.

Keepin’ it real gives a sense of pride to the Black individual. One who is keepin’ it real will stick to what they believe in, even if it’s completely absurd. Upon arguing with a Black person, do not attempt to escalate the situation. The last thing you want to deal with is a Black individual when they’re keepin’ it real due to the fact that the most common outcome is normally a fistfight or worse. If you are not Black and find yourself in a situation where a Black male or female is keepin’ it real, evacuate the area as soon as possible.

“Keepin’ it Real” is a known staple in the Black community. If you see a loud argument in public don’t be alarmed, just realize they’re just keepin’ it real. Even religious leaders in the Black community participate. Remember, Weeks and Bynum, the kicking, the stomping, the sermons. Yeah, he sure did keep it real. Too real.

Exhibit A. – Keepin It Real + A Cheeseburger.

Remember, sometimes keepin’ it real is a good thing. Ever had someone keep it real with you?



  1. …..Please tell me these niggas didn’t really get intoa fight over a damn cheeseburger.

    There’s some aweful powerful niggadry at work here.

  2. this video is so funny and totally proves what your saying. i mean they are arguing about a fucking burger but hey, he is tryin to make a point here. the nigga was the only one in the fucking kitchen so he must have eaten the burger damn it! yes, it would piss me off too. fucking hilarious video!

  3. I had a co-worker who would argue with me over meaningless things almost every time I opened my mouth. Too funny.


  4. “you always tryna eat somebodys cheeseburger” too funny

  5. hahaha.. nice post
    i liked the video (:

  6. when keeping it real goes wrong…


  7. You see that as a good thing, I see it as more graffiti by stupid fucking niggers.

  8. I see the bigots continue hiding behind anonymous posts.

    G, thanks for the advice. So, how does someone who’s not black back out of that situation without looking like the bitch?

  9. Personally I’ve always thought of “Keeping it Real” as an incomplete sentence – and I tend to want finish it for you:

    Keeping it real: stupid, ignorant, gutter, ghetto, backwards you get my drift?

  10. The best thing to do rational is to stay calm and walk away slowly without turning your back and act as if fighting is above you. This way you look more civilized than the irate individual. 🙂


    I agree with you Pamalicious, there are many different ways to Keep it real.

  11. hahahaha it is so true, i get in at least 2-4 arguments a day. and it always escalates into yelling and raising of ones voice.

  12. […] Comic View is the absence of Larry the Cable Guy, Dane Cook, and lame white jokes. Comic View is keepin’ it real in full […]

  13. Don’t mess with ppls food man….it gets real, when you mess w/ somebody’s food..LMAO!

  14. Don’t mess with ppls food man….it gets real, when you mess w/ somebody’s food..LMAO!

  15. […] Comic View is the absence of Larry the Cable Guy, Dane Cook, and lame white jokes. Comic View is keepin’ it real in full […]

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