Rejected Infront Of Thousands!!!

March 26, 2008

What would you do if this was you? I know for a fact my friends would never let me live it down. My man T-Mac is even laughin’ at the poor dude.



  1. awwww damn. that sucks. you could tell she didnt want her face on cam when she rejected him. chick started jogging out. LMAO. sucks for ol dude

  2. She could have just said yeah. They could have discussed that later. SMH.

  3. bwah ha ha ha…
    bwah ha ha ha…

  4. I would have rejected him too. It’s important to stick to your true feelings anytime!

  5. wow, that is really sad. it sucks for the man. i kind of agree with mandy but at the same time i probably would have done what can said. just say yes infront of the camera because that is seriously embarassing. i think he would have been thankful if she said yes and told him no later. well either way it sucks for him.

  6. well we cant feel too bad for the guy cus we dont know the situation. he could have asked wayyy too early or he could have been like an obsessive loser lmao. she prob didnt wanna embarass him like that..it just wasnt the time and def not the place.
    tmac is wrong for laughing btw. lol

  7. Does anyone know where I can pawn a ring?

  8. ..your local pawn store?

  9. When rejection happens…


  10. we all knows whta happens then lol

  11. what would I do?

    If i was black I would rape her ass. actually I never would have asked.


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