Awareness Test

March 25, 2008

See if you can get it the first time around, I didnt. 😦 Sorry for posting so many videos.



  1. I’ve heard about this before; but I didn’t see it the first time either. I hope you saw it the second time too!

  2. Oh yeah I saw it the second time haha

  3. pure genius..

  4. i was in tears laughing so hard. I can;t believe I missed the bear the first time.


  5. lmfaoo.. i always laugh at this.

  6. LMFAO Yeah I missed the bear..

  7. Missed it the first time….lmao…Looking back the 2nd time it seems so obvious

  8. lmao i had to watch it three times to get it. lmao. im flabbergasted. amazed. lol. thats sooo cool. he was RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE. Man, that could have a deeper meaning. it doesnt, its a cycling commercial. but…it could haha

  9. hahah Fred i was thinking the same thing.. i thought at the end it was gonna like scare me or something or be like dont drink and drive but its like.. WATCH FOR CYCLISTS. lmaoo

  10. Me too @ Jen and Fred, but cyclists wtfff.

  11. I totally missed that but I saw it the second time. That was spooky as hell lol. But it must be a good thing because I know how to focus on one thing in the mist of chaos. I thought this would be for a bigger cause than cyclists lol.

  12. WTF??? I wonder how many moonwalking bears I miss on a daily basis…

  13. I’m like, “bear, what bear?” Now I feel like koffebrown above–those moonwalking bears are probably crawling over the place.

  14. hhaahah @ koffeebrown.

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