Can you smell what Barack is cooking?

March 24, 2008

Do you smell it?

So what is Obama cookin? First off Obama is cooking up an _ _ _ whooping for Rev Wright. Obama is figuring out a way to work back into the hearts of the supporters he lost due to Rev. Wrights antics. Obama’s mad and he’s cooking some Soul Food right now, and Rev. Wright is not invited to dinner. Obama is formulating a plan to win over the public once and for all with an amazing rendition of MLK’s I have a Dream speech about uniting the Nation. Obama is cooking up plans for the White House housewarming event. Obama is the man. Obama is cooking up a plan to make Hillary look bad without involving himself in it. If he fails, Obama is cookin up a plan to have Hillary as his VP.

What do you think Obama’s cooking?



  1. he has a downsyndrome nipple in that pic.

  2. I agree with you. If he should lose more voters, then he is gonna ask Hillary to be his VP.. I don’t know what else, but I can’t wait to see it unravel!

  3. he needs to be cooking a ::#13:: for Hillary. Foot to @$$


  4. i justr want him to cook something that will atleast have him as a VP. its a win win situation if he plays it smart.

  5. Keep in mind I’m from Minnesota. Obama is cooking up a “Next Great President” Hot Dish.

    Don’t lose faith. I heard about a Pew Research Center poll showing that Obama is still about 10 percentage points ahead of Clinton.

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