Black and Missing: Best Site Ever

March 20, 2008

Every couple of days I like to get serious. So I was surfing the blogosphere and came upon this blog, Black & Missing, not only was it a great blog with a nice design, but it was for a great cause.

So I kept up with it for a while, and read something about a black girl namedChioma Gray and a white girl named Ashlee Croccito, both abducted against their will. The white girl’s abduction was all over the news, and Amber Alert was called. Within 2 days, they found her in some shack in Mexico. As for the Black girl, they still haven’t found her, no amber alert was called. Similar situations, different skin color. Read more on this story

I just wanted to recognize this site because it’s really a great site, for a great cause, and I hope it helps in brings more attention to these cases, and gets these women back home, safe with their families.

Do you think the media neglects Black-abduction cases, if so, why?

To Donate Visit: http://blackandmissing.chipin.com/black-and-missing-blog


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