This Is What Jail Does To Black People

March 18, 2008

After seeing this all I could say was damn, WTF?



  1. lmfao what in the blue hell i would never even let a girl suck on my ass lmao @ prison

  2. lol…i wasnt really paying attention at first unti i heard, “some ppl prefer syrup, i like jelly” or whatever it was. LOL thats some gay shit…

  3. SMH

  4. Lol that was pretty funny.

  5. LOL wow.. that was.. weird.

  6. wtffff wht was he so open about it…alot of gays do it…and after about 10 minutes or so…its a sensation…omgg that was hilarious. i dont even have a coherent statement to make after that…

  7. This is so disturbing….I don’t even know if there is anything that I can say.

  8. And I thought this was fake lol. This was actually a real documentary.

  9. OMG!! That’s so totally fucking hilarious!

  10. What this is definetly some crazy shit because for the most part cats in jail do not get down with that gay shit. You have a few cats who are down with it but trust me it is not something that evryone is part of. You have some stand up guys in there that would kill you if you even tried some shit like that. Most of the cats that do that shit was doing it when they were in the streets. Real talk.

  11. damn, he straight trippin’

  12. I don’t know what kinda nastyazz pumpum he’s been suckin on, but eating ass does NOT = eating pussy where i come from.

  13. That was the nastiest thing I’ve ever heard.

  14. That is NASTY. He, clearly needs to get some HELP. With his NASTY self; bout he likes ppl to suck his ass…

  15. I know you put this up to be funny, and it is funny, and sad. But you peoples comments are just sad too. You are some closed minded MFs. I suck my BFs ass every morning when we wake up, right before I suck him, and after that I climb on top. Then I go get his coffee. He’s away on a buisness trip right now – I always wonder, how does he manage to get up in the morning, without me there, LOL. never heard of jelly, though, or syrup. Think I’ll just skip that part. Wouldn’t even tell you close minded MFs some of the other stuff we do, regularly.

  16. Maybe you and your boyfriend do that. But these are two jail niggas. And then he says its clean, and the people are decent. Hhahaha yeah right. I’m closed minded to another guy suckin my ass, and I wouldnt want to be with a female who sucks my ass because she prolly sucked mad niggas booty then

  17. well if you are gay and you have a boyfriend and that’s what you do, then it’s cool you know, but this man is in fucking jail and he said if new guys come in he wants them to suck his ass. personally, i think that is just extremely disgusting. i mean “tsatske” yes i get your point if thats what people like ok, but if i was a guy and i would like another guy to suck my ass i still would not just let ANY fuckin guy who walks in the door to do it. so really WHAT THE fuck.. disturbing.

  18. im not close minded but sucking ass in general IS GROSS.. come on POOP comes out of there. POOP! but okay, let me stop. yall keep doin what yall doin..

  19. you do make a good point jen. nasty.

  20. I agree with streetknowldge. I think mostly he is just yanking white, never been down chains. Probably he thinks its funny as hell.. all them stupid white sonofabitches gonna probably believe this. i mean.. really.. jelly.. syrup.. whatevah.

  21. This is sad but hilarious at the same time. Just like Chris Rock said if they started threatening the bad kids with the “toss the salad guy” they would think twice about going to jail. Seriously they need to have that guy come and speak at high schools. Let them knuckleheads know that they may have to toss salad and with jelly no less.. Sheesh!

  22. I’m a gay man and even I know sucking ass is just nasty…That’s disgusting shit!

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