#8 – Making Fun Of Dark People

March 15, 2008

Black people love to exclaim how much they love being Black. When you hear a Black person say, “I love being Black” make sure you realize they are talking about their culture, not their skin color. Although Black is beautiful, Black people often make fun of the darker people in their race, calling them names such as, darkness, skillet, shadow, and African Booty-Scratcher.

The reason Black people make fun of the more dark complexions in their race is because they not only find it amusing, but it bring about a feeling of self-satisfaction for them and the people around them. If they can make someone else laugh that they seek attention from at another persons expense, it will be done, swiftly without remorse.

Black people scale how black they are, the lighter, the more acceptable. The scale of blackness is ranked in the following beginning from a light complexion and ending with a darker complexion: light skin/yellowbone, redbone, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and darkness.

If you are born in the range of lightskin-redbone you do not have to worry about the sun. But if you are milk chocolate it is best to remain indoors on extra hot summer days. In order to prevent progression to the next level of being dark, sunscreen may be worn, SPF30 or higher. This will keep their skin from becoming too dark or jet black. See – Wesley Snipes

If you are born dark chocolate or darker, you can prevent abuse by being kind to all your black friends; keeping a pack of Newports with you, and a bottle of lotion because the darker you are the more visible the dry skin/ash is. If you have surpassed the level of Darkness, there is no going back. The only alternative is to have radical invasive surgery like Michael Jackson.



  1. omg sooo true. i like dark people though!

  2. lmaooo @ the See- Wesley Snipes. I’m milk chocolate myself and it’s true about the sun…I got extraaaa dark one summer. People said it looked good on me though, so w/e. I’m cool with it

  3. I like this blog

  4. omg this i SOO true. i black but kinda light skinned and i FUCKING HATE people darker than me. racism is wrong but i hate those darkies st8 up/

  5. I had to have the expression “high yellow” explained and broken down to me, this is so true.

  6. DARK CHOCO ON DECKKK naw tho. i identify with this. Ive always been the darkest person in a room. Until this ghanian [sp?] moved in. But im not too far off. hehe. But good post none the less…As long as you stay lotioned up, with good skin. You straight 😀

  7. This is so ignorant. It’s hard to believe that, as far as we’ve come, we still hold these “slave mentality” beliefs. I feel sad for our people…

    How we can have some of us that hold PhD’s, own businesses, are professionals and STILL have those of us who think that “black” is an insult is beyond me.

  8. You’re right Alison. I agree completely. But it happens everyday to the darker ones among us. This is written from experience if you know what I mean.

  9. to “hahahhaaha”
    are you serious? lmao youre an idiot.

  10. hahahahaha you are an idiot…my guess, you will be driving the bus to hell…ignorant ass!!!

  11. wooooow…. i didn’t know people still thought this way. it’s amazing that as much as black people have been through, you all still find ways to disassociate yourselves from your true heritage and strength.

  12. Nah i love dark people.

  13. Damn, look in the mirror, is that not some funny shit?Do you think the Mayor Kilpatrick uses lotion when he is cheatin on his wife? Was his aide high yellow? or just a jezabel? Is the PHD gonna have somethin to say like lotion is white and skin is black

  14. This blog is officially funnier than the Stuff White People Like blog.

  15. I’m very disappointed with this blog. It’s not satirical – it’s mean spirited. I don’t believe that this is written by a black person.

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