#6 – Depressing Film

March 12, 2008

Black people love two types of film. Comedy, and drama. People in general are not happy all the time, so a comedy is not always a fitting choice for more somber occasions. It is a very rare occurrence when you see a Black person voluntarily watching a thriller. This is because black people do not like being scared for no reason, they do not find this entertaining. This leaves one major genre of movies, Drama.

In the Black community it is always good to stay up to date with your drama films. This keeps good conversation during Church meetings, or Christenings of the Crib/House Warming events. Famous films that are must sees in the Black community are Soul Food, The Color Purple, and Tyler Perry’s Daddys Little Girls, Amistad, Roots, and The Preachers Wife. After watching these movies you do not feel uplifted and empowered, most likely you will feel depressed.

The reason Black people watch these depressing films is because it relates to current or previous experiences their life. As a white person a great way to understand black culture is to watch the movie Soul Food. It shows the everyday drama black people sustain from the eyes of a young African American Male. If you want to gain major cool points with a Black person, mention this movie in conversation. This will most likely earn you one ghetto pass, but use it sparingly as these are hard to come by.

Note: If you are White, you do not gain cool points speaking about the movie Roots. These movies are exclusively for discussion between Black People. If a Black person is speaking to you about one of the previously mentioned movies, it is best to listen attentively. By not listening it shows that you do not care for the Black culture, and the Race Card will be played.



  1. man if you gon talk about depressing films, you gotta come harder than “soul food” lil doggie.

    malcolm x
    dead presidents
    set it off
    boyz n the hood
    menace 2 society
    that dance movie with b2k and imx boys where lil dude get shot
    selena (now that’s a depressing one)
    any movie involving child soldiers in africa

    in general i think black people like movies with black people in them, though. especially if it’s an ensemble cast of celebrities.

  2. If a movie has the followin people in it it will make tons of money.

    Martin Lawrence (especially if he’s in a fat suit dressed up like a old woman)
    Will Smith (saving the world)
    Cedric the Entertainer (doing back flips or other impossible things for someone who weighs 300+
    Bernie Mac, speaking unclearly.

  3. I prefer Sci-Fi.

    Is something wrong with me?

  4. theres many films that can fit in that list 🙂 but jose ole thats very true, the depressing films im talkin about are those that are based off american culture. black americans dont really like africans.

  5. http://everythingimnot.wordpress.com

  6. So true…depressed…when I saw old Cicely Tyson preaching once again how the family has to stick together I almost vomited. But what really pissed me off were the people clapping in the audience. I guess they hadn’t been to church in a while and needed to get a dose of b.s. Cause I’m sure most of them walked right out of the theater and it was business as usual.

  7. Ok..sorry, but you’re off on this one. Cuz ain’t a horror movie in the world that doesn’t have bookoo dollars coming from the black community.

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