Look At This Jay-Z Doll

March 9, 2008

If I was to put on white people goggles and look at Jay-Z this is the final product. I know Jay-Z was upset when he saw this. He probably contemplated coming out of retirement in outrage and bringing out another album. Lets start with his chain, it looks like something Aretha Franklin would wear to her 50th Grammy Awards. They super sized his nose like McDonald’s fries and topped it off with an extra-extra large drink in the form of his lips. Well at least we all know Beyonce’s happy, if you catch my drift….  At least he has a nice edge-up.



  1. WOOOOW.

  2. wtf!

  3. WOW. Dats waaaay messed up. Jay-Z might have to go OG on the crew who did that. Maaaan. LMFO!!!!

  4. Yo that is sooooo messed up on so many different levels.

  5. wow.The sad part is, I bet there are plenty of people who think it looks just like him.

  6. That doll is definitely up there with Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, Dainty Little Morsels, Chimney Sweeps and all kinds of other offensive Black memorabilia. The Lips on the Hovy doll say it all.

  7. Dude…I’m white as a sheet and even I know this thing is all kinds of wrong. Geeez.

  8. Bwahahahaaaa!!!! That’s funny! It’s so wrong it’s hilarious!

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