#2 – Air Force Ones

March 6, 2008

Ever since Nike made the their first set of basketball sneakers Black men of America became the top individual consumers. The first Air Force Ones came out in 1982, but were shortly discontinued. When Nike re-released the shoe in 1986, they were instantly a big hit. Not only did the shoe settle one black mans appetite for a fresh pair of casual shoes, but a whole nation of black men.

Air Force Ones are considered a casual shoe. You may see Black Males buying multiple pairs at once, don’t be alarmed this is a regular event. Do not misconstrue Air Force One sneakers with the Presidential Jet, because when you ask your black friend how he plans on getting to a local event, he may reply, “With my Air Force Ones.” When you see a black male approaching you with a pair of all-white Air Forces, make sure you point and exclaim, “Wow look at how fresh those are”, and if you’re the more daring type, take a knee and brush them off for him. This should appease the black individuals appetite for attention at least ten minutes.

Black Males also love to wear their all white Air Forces in crowded area’s such as clubs or bars, this gives you a great opportunity to step on them, and smudge their Air Force Ones. If you happen to accidentally step on Air Forces occupied by a black male (and you are not black), make sure to evacuate the area as soon as possible,  by doing so you’re preventing a scene. Apologizing will not cut it because now the black individual has to spend $70-$100 on a new pair.

i.e. Rapper Nelly immortalized Air Force Ones in his 2002 hit properly titled, “Air Force Ones”



  1. LOL you are not lying about stepping on those shoes.. My goodness I never knew people took shoes so serious, let alone these shoes.. After people started to take them so seriously, I stopped wearing them.. THEY ARE JUST SHOES!!!

  2. do what you dooo but WATCH MY SHOESS
    yeah anyway. those shoes are fucking ugly. the soles are soo thick. ew. k byee

  3. They kinda remind me of Keds…but more “Urban” lol. I rocked the Keds back in the day but these? NO!

  4. I’ve gone through so many pairs of Forces, lol. And it’s not just them, but you better not step on any of my all whites! That’s a fight waiting to happen haha…not really though, maybe an argument, but no hands please, I don’t have time to catch a case.

  5. It’s so ridiculous how people are ready to kill you after stepping on their shoe. Seriously, feet are on the ground – they are bound to get stepped on at some point. Especially when in a crowded area like a club or a movie theater.

    I absolutely hate when people clean off their construction boots (i.e. Timberlands). Those were made to get dirty! Now they’re a fashion statement. Silly people.

  6. I love stepping on air force ones, it gives me an opportunity to deliver a much deserved beating.

  7. I found a scuff mark on my timberlands and I am making my husband clean them off this weekend- LOL!

    Whew-I am SO relieved that I am actually BLACK. I was worried there for a moment after reading the Stuff White People Like website.

  8. […] a Black man a Camel cigarette is the equivalent of spitting in his face and stepping on his Air Force Ones, […]

  9. This is great info to know.

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